You have found a flyer printing service provider that can deliver a great product. Okay, but what do you ask them to produce? Whenever you tackle a flyer printing project, make sure the product has these four features.


The entire point of making flyers is to ensure people can grab them whenever they take an interest in something. For example, a tourist commission might provide maps to visitors. The odds are high the visitor isn't going to heavily study the map at that point. Instead, they'll likely check it for a few practical things or points of interest and then pack it away for later use.

Many people and organizations use tri-folds for flyers. A standard trifold is a letter-size sheet of paper. You fold it three times to produce a highly portable item that's about 8.5 by 3.7 inches. Organizations can add place tri-folds in racks, mail them in standard envelopes, or hand them out.

Simplicity on the Cover

Usually, a flyer has a cover. It should be simple and eye-catching. Use a single strong image or set of big letters. One strong color like red can also make a flyer very visible. Your goal is to ensure folks who see your flyer among others will see and select it.

Employ simple and highly readable fonts. Try to use at least half-inch letters to make it easier for people to spot your flyer on a stand from at least five feet away.

The Audience's Needs or Interests

Most people who grab flyers have strong self-motivation for doing so. In the tourist example, a visitor wants to find cool stuff. Someone at a convention might need to identify the sessions they're attending. A person interested in a political cause may need to see what a group is doing to promote it.

The typical flyer includes some written content explaining these interests. Keep the content as tight as possible because you don't want an interested person to get bored and quit reading.

Try to provide the reader with at least two or three big takeaways, too. Use bulleted or numbered lists so you can easily introduce key points early. Repeat the key points in headers to reinforce the idea.

Call to Action and Contact Information

Whatever the reason may be for your flyer printing efforts, you want to call on the reader to take some action. You might tell the tourist to visit X, Y, and Z beautiful locations to learn about your city's history.

Also, provide contact information so they can clarify issues. Include a phone number, any social media accounts, and an email address.

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