The Cardinal Principles of scholarship, public service, and sisterhood bind together the women of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Inc. This sorority was founded in 1913 and has lasted through every modern societal change. It's something to be celebrated, so if you're a member of this sorority, you need to renew and strengthen your bonds every year. Something as small as sending a fellow Delta a birthday card can go a long way. Here's what you need to know when you're interested in ordering some Delta Sigma Theta birthday cards to send throughout the year. 

Go with some branded birthday cards that feature sorority symbols

Take a second to consider everything you and every other soror went through to become a Delta. You were an aspirant who made your interest known with discretion. You likely volunteered and attended events before being chosen for an incoming line. After a lengthy process, you finally crossed the "burning sands" and can call yourself a woman of Delta Sigma Theta for life. Now the real work begins. 

Keep in touch with your sorors with the same fervor you had when seeking membership. Choose birthday cards that capture the feeling of the journey, making sure to include symbols like the elephant mascot or the African violet official flower. Make certain that the card features the official colors of Crimson and Cream, in addition to the greek letters for the sorority's initials. 

Write a thoughtful message and use the card to strengthen the relationship

Give yourself a day or two to think about what you'd like to write in your sorority sister's birthday card. There are psychological benefits to writing letters to people that mean something to you. It's cathartic, conjures sweet memories, and strengthens the bond you have with them.

Think of where you're both at in life right now, compared to where you were when you first met each other. Assess how your bond in the sorority informed the way you both navigate life and a relationship with each other. Make sure to mention good news, such as nuptials or a new baby, and genuinely wish your recipient well on another blessed year of life. Little gestures like these can re-ignite friendships with sorority sisters you don't talk to often. Keep a calendar for all of your birthday card mailings this year and keep plenty of sorority cards in stock. 

Use these tips and order the perfect Delta Sigma Theta birthday cards