Are you in need of a new copier to outfit your home office with? Here are a few important features to look for when choosing one to invest in:


One important feature you should look for when choosing a new copier to invest in for your home office is multifunctionality. Your new copier should not only make printed copies of any paperwork you need to duplicate, but it should also do the following:

  • Print documents from your computer and provide paper copies as well as store the information within its internal memory card.
  • Fax documents that you copy, print, or program into the system as you see fit.
  • Scan documents so that hard copies of paperwork can be accessed and shared on your computer.

Having access to all these functions will make your life a lot easier whether you need to print, sign, and send a contractor, or you want to create a presentation for your colleagues.

Document Sorting Capabilities

You should not have to sort your printed papers after copying them if you need to print multi-page documents or several pages to complete a report for example. A copier with document-sorting capabilities will sort everything for you in the order in which you program it to, with just the push of a few buttons. When done being printed, your documents will be in the exact order you need them to be, ready for a last-minute meeting or presentation. Some document sorting copiers will even automatically staple your documents together once printed and sorted for ease of organization.

Dual-Sided Printing Options

It is also a good idea to make sure that your home office's new copier features dual-sided printing options. This capability will allow you to print on both sides of your paper whenever possible to save paper, ink, and wear and tear on your copier overall. This feature can come in handy when printing multi-page flyers, portfolios, and foldable itineraries.

Air Printing Technology

Air printing technology will allow you to copy and print anything from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, which means optimal versatility as time goes on. If a client comes to your home office and brings a copy of a contract or purchase order with them, you will be able to copy and print the documents out quickly and easily without having to transfer the files to your home computer first. You can download documents from the library or someone else's office on your mobile device, bring those documents home, and print them out when necessary.

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