Print-on-demand fulfillment services print, brand, store, and ship promotional materials to an address of your choosing. Due to the fact that they're inexpensive and convenient to use, they're often used by small businesses for direct mail marketing. However, these same qualities make them the perfect fit for candidates who are running in local political races. It's a low-cost way to increase campaign visibility within a small area. If you're running for a local office, read on to learn five reasons your campaign should be working with a print fulfillment service.

1. Allows for Better Targeting

Candidates for local races are often only on the ballot in a few districts. Other forms of campaigning, such as TV, radio, and social media are typically not granular enough to reach only those voters—some of your campaign spendings will go towards targeting people who can't even vote for you.

With print-on-demand fulfillment services, you don't face this issue. The district a voter is in is based on their address, which means that you can limit your direct mail only to those who can vote for you on election day. If your campaign doesn't have very much cash on hand, this form of micro-targeting is a much more efficient use of your money compared to broad, sweeping campaign advertisements.

2. Eliminates the Need for Storage

Print-on-demand fulfillment services ship your campaign materials directly to the address that you specify. You don't have to worry about pre-printing materials and storing them during your campaign. Since storage space can be quite expensive, this is another way that candidates for local races can efficiently use the limited donations that they receive.

3. Reduces Waste

Another benefit of printing your campaign materials on demand is that you won't have excess promotional materials left over after the race ends. Regardless of the outcome of your campaign, you won't be able to use any of those promotional materials during the next election.

4. Less Expensive When Starting Your Campaign

Since donation amounts are often low for local races, you may be forced to begin your campaign with little starting cash. Thankfully, print-on-demand fulfillment services allow you to begin printing promotional materials and campaigning with little cash outlay. As donations grow during the campaign, you can easily increase the number of promotional materials you're printing and sending to voters and volunteers.

5. Makes Donation Rewards Easy to Create and Ship

Finally, print-on-demand fulfillment services can be used as a source of donations by selling promotional material. Since these fulfillment services are often used by e-commerce companies, it's easy to create a website and link your fulfillment service to a shopping cart. Supporters can order T-shirts and other promotional materials from you for a donation that's higher than the cost to print the item—you can use the surplus money produced from these sales to further fund your campaign.

Overall, print-on-demand fulfillment services are an inexpensive and convenient way for candidates in local races to campaign effectively. They allow for precise targeting with direct mail, and the initial cost to begin campaigning is low. If you're running for a local office, contact a fulfillment service in your area to see what promotional items they can print and how you can emblazon them with your campaign's logo.