T-shirt apparel printing is a fairly straightforward process when it comes to ordering a basic batch. Send your design (or have the printers design it), order your sizes, and wait for delivery or the call to pick up. And orders like these tend to be pretty affordable. However, more complicated orders can require an increase in your bill, and it's not always obvious which details can lead to the need for a bigger printing budget. When planning your T-shirt order, you'll want to know exactly what you'll owe. If you have special requests, you may need to increase the amount of money set aside for the printing order.

Rush Jobs

The most obvious request that could increase your price is the rush job. Companies would have to make workers stay beyond their normal quitting time or have them work weekends, and the company might have to give new, regular orders a longer completion time (and thus make it more difficult to take in new orders for a time). Most companies are happy to accept rush jobs, but they will need to compensate staff and cover additional utility and printing costs. Like most businesses, an extra charge for a rush job is not unusual at all.

Changing Colors

When you have a shirt printed, the design will have three main components: the design itself (e.g. an outline), the colors, and the size of the overall design. If you want to change the colors between printings, such as having children's shirts with light blue and yellow and adult shirts with purple and red, you'll have to pay extra. Typically, the printing company will need to produce two different designs with the different colors, even if the overall design and size are the same for all shirts.

Additional Screen Sizes

Changing the size calls for an extra charge, too. When you change the size, you have to create a second design just like you would to change the color because the printing equipment can't shrink or expand the design as if it were a computer graphic, even if the design was given to the company as a computer graphic, it has to be turned into a physical design for actual printing. When you change the size, then you need a second physical design.

If you're wondering by how much these changes will affect your price, don't worry. The price increases usually aren't that much (save for major rush jobs that eat up all available resources), and you'll know in advance how much you'll need to pay.

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