When it comes to designing a label for your product, you must make sure that you are using the proper materials for the label. Otherwise, your design won't amount to much. Like all things, labels face a variety of conditions such as light, abrasion, and moisture—all of which can significantly deteriorate their overall quality. It is for that reason that label finishes are so important, because these finishes have the ability to maintain a longer-lasting label. There are three main types of label finishes, which are described below.

Three Primary Label Finishes

As a general rule, while most labels have finishes, there are exceptions—often to save money or for aesthetic purposes such as to create a rustic appearance. The benefit of using a finish on your label is that is adds that additional layer of protection, in addition to giving it a matter or glossy look. To determine which finish you need or want, you need to first understand the differences between the three main types of finishes

Laminate Finish: This is a film material that creates a thick layer over the label that ensures that the label is ready to tackle a variety of situations, including abrasion, moisture, and light. Depending on your needs, a number of laminates are available such as matte, gloss, and special durable laminate.

Varnish Finish: This is a clear liquid coating that is cheaper than the other two options mentioned here, and it is the least effective in terms of longevity. You can get this varnish in both matte and gloss. The varnish can be applied over the whole label (known as flood varnishing), or it can be applied over a section of the label (known as spot coating) for very appealing visual effects.

UV Coating Finish: This is a special varnish that is cured during the printing process by being exposed to a UV light. While these coatings are more expensive than other varnishes, they do tend to last longer and offer a superior glossy appearance. UV spot coatings are incredibly popular for making certain elements of the label design "pop".

The Importance of the Right Label Finish

When choosing the finish of your labels, make sure that you consider the conditions that your labels will be in, how long your labels will need to last, and how you want your labels to look in the end. If your labels will be in the sunlight or rain, a polyester laminate may be ideal. If you need a visually appealing label, then opt for a spot UV coating since it can make certain areas of your label stand out, such as metallic inks, foil stamps, or accent colors.

Whatever your needs may be, there is a label finish that is best suited for your situation. Consult a professional, such as at Dixie Labels & Systems Inc, for assistance.