When you do a lot of shipping from your place of business, you will spend a lot of money on things like paper for invoices and blank labels for printing shipping labels. As a logical solution, a lot of business owners go with invoices that have an integrated shipping label section right on the page. If you have discovered that this is a possibility, you may be wondering about the advantages of using these combination-style labels in your own place of business. Here is a look at some of the advantages of using combined shipping labels and invoices for the packages leaving your place of business in the mail. 

Cut down on printing equipment needs. 

When you have two different things that have to be printed for every package, it means you have to have two printers operating to accommodate both types of labels or documents, which can be expensive and frustrating. By having both the shipping label and the invoice printed on one document, you can get what you need from one printer instead of having to print items on two separate printers, or constantly reconfigure your single printer to accommodate one or the other. 

Save time when packaging your outgoing shipments. 

Because you will have two necessary items on one page, preparing a package for shipment will involve printing one page, peeling off the shipping label, and placing the already-printed invoice into the package. You will be essentially cutting out time-consuming steps in the process, which will boost production numbers quite substantially if you have a massive amount of packages leaving your place of business on a daily basis. Your employees will appreciate the simplified shipment preparation process because they can get a package ready at a faster pace.

Reduce waste that goes along with double printing. 

Most invoices that you will be placing inside of packages do not necessarily need a full page to convey all of the necessary information; therefore, there will be a lot of paper waste with every invoice you create. By utilizing a section of that invoice for your shipping label, you will be reducing wasted paper that would otherwise be blank because the page is too large for the details of the invoice. Likewise, you will not be going through roll after roll of labels to print shipping labels, which means you will also have less waste in the trash bin at the end of the day.