If you own a business that creates products for the public to use, it's essential for you to include instructions with each item. No matter how intuitive your product may be, you always want to account for the fact that someone may be using the item for the first time and need some help determining how best to go about it. This raises the question of how you plan to include the instructions. You might have been thinking about using flyers, but it's better to go with miniature folding. Keep reading to see why miniature folding is the perfect solution when you need to send instructions to your customers.

Miniature Folding Is Cost Effective

When it all comes down to it, money is the lifeblood of any flourishing business. You want to keep costs low and profits high so you can continue to grow. A large part of this is finding the most efficient methods of getting things accomplished. Miniature folding is a cost-effective technique that is sure to help you save money.

Miniature folding is so great because you're able to fit a lot of information into a very small amount of space. For example, using the normal printing methods, the instructions that you include with your products might have taken up two to three pages. However, when you choose miniature folding the information is compressed down in such a way that all of it is able to fit on a single page. Just think of how much money you'll be saving because you will be using less paper and ink!

Miniature Folding Fits Into Small Boxes

It's also good to go with miniature folding because it means that the instructions will be able to fit into even the smallest of boxes. The paper is folded up into either an accordion or cube-like shape. Instead of having to use larger boxes to account for the instructions, you can ship using cheaper parcels. Rather than risk weighing the boxes down with heavy booklets and stapled documents, you can simply toss in the miniature folding instructions and send it on to its destination.

Once you start to use miniature folding you'll see why it's the best medium for instructions. You can be as thorough as you like while writing them without having to cut corners for space purposes. A local printer can get you started with the process so you can have your miniature folding in no time. Contact a company, like Flottman Company, for more help.