Depending on the size of your office, you may need only a few copy machines or you may need a room full of copiers. Most offices will invest in a copy room, filled with copy machines and paper to produce printed materials. Office workers can attest that office copy machines tend to become some of the most hectic and disorganized rooms in the entire building. If you want to make sure that your office maintains proper order and runs smoothly, you should get rid of the stand alone copiers and invest in desktop copy machines. Here are three reasons to invest in desktop copy machines for better order. 

Turning it on and off isn't an ordeal

Whether you want the copy machines unplugged at the end of the day to save on electricity or if you find yourself having to restart the machines often to get them to operate efficiently, a desktop machine is easier to unplug. When it comes to unplugging a large, stand alone copier, you will need to push the machine itself out of the way to get to the plug and cord. With a desktop machine, you just need to reach underneath it and pull the cord that will be in plain sight. This stops any possible workers compensation claims from moving a heavy copier. A desktop machine is also easier to see when it is unplugged so there is no confusion when determining if the machine is able to be powered up. 

The printers can share shelves with paper

The printing space will often have a lot of different packs of paper, different ink cartridges and small office materials such staplers and hole punchers. Though this may seem like limited materials, these can actually cause a copy room to enter into a state of disrepair by the end of each work day. Papers can find themselves strewn about while stacks of copy paper may be on the floor causing workers to stub their toes. With a desktop copier, the copy machine itself can sit on the top of a shelving unit, with the materials stacked neatly on the shelves underneath. 

A whole room is unnecessary

If your office building is smaller, you can cut out the unnecessary copy room with the help of desktop copy machines. You can line the copiers on desks on the wall of all of your office rooms. This will allow you more space to perform necessary business, plus provide open ended access to the copy machines without having a dedicated area. 

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