One way to promote your restaurant is with printed media such as flyers and postcards. These can be distributed by hand or through the mail. To get the best value for your advertising investment, you'll want to design ads that capture attention and entice customers to come to your restaurant. Here are some tips to consider.

Use Quality Paper

Printing photographs on quality paper is an accurate way to portray your restaurant. Your flyer can show pictures of your signature dish, your tastefully decorated dining area, or a happy couple enjoying a meal. The printing company can print your flyers and postcards on high-gloss photo paper so the colors are crisp and the images are clear. High-gloss paper comes in various sizes, so you can use your design in all kinds of ads, including posters and signs. The glossy paper gives your flyers an upscale appearance and sturdy feel. It can even be laminated to make it strong enough to withstand going through the mail or to be used as a menu.

Choose Relevant Images

The benefit of printing your ads on glossy paper is that the photographs are high quality. This means you can capture the exact emotion you want to send to your target audience. You may want to create a Valentine's Day ad and use a photo of a romantic candlelit dinner. Maybe you want a family ad that shows smiling faces around a spaghetti meal. Facial expressions, colors, shading, and small details transfer realistically to high-gloss photo paper, so you have greater freedom in creating the photos for your ad. You should take advantage of that to craft your ads to appeal to potential customers.

Add Interesting Copy

Writing the copy for your flyers can be difficult because you don't want to take up space with wasted words. You may prefer to capture interest with check marks, bullet points, and trigger words, especially on small postcards. However, keep in mind that if you print on high-quality photo paper, small text will be easy to read. For that reason, you may want to add a menu to a poster or one section of a flyer. By giving potential customers as much information as possible without overwhelming the ad space, you'll have a better chance of drawing in more people to your restaurant.

Creating a good flyer, postcard, or poster can be more difficult than you imagine. You have to consider font type and size, colors, graphics, and the written message. The layout is important, too. If you don't have experience in ad creation, you may want to hire a designer to create your ad. You can then have it printed to any size and specifications you need. Contact a company like Refill Ink for further information about high-gloss photo paper and more.