Small gifts for your employees can be a great way to boost morale and make your workers feel valued. Here are some ideas for gifts you can give in various situations. 

Everyday: Beverage Containers

A water bottle or coffee mug is a nice everyday gesture because it's something that almost any employee can use, and will probably use, on a regular basis. If you get a beverage container with the company logo on it, the container can be a little reminder of company goodwill every time your employee sips out of it. Instead of choosing only coffee mugs or water bottles, consider getting a mix of both and letting employees choose. 

Holidays: Gift Baskets

On holidays, unless you want to go the cash route, a gift basket is a great option. When choosing a gift basket, consider that the presentation of the items matters just as much as the content; even an expensive wine and cheese box won't be impressive if it's stuffed in a plastic wrapping. Several websites cater to businesses who want to deliver high quality gift boxes to their employees. 

Special Events: T-Shirts

For special events, t-shirts are the way to go. A fun t-shirt will be a great way to commemorate the good time that your employees had at your event. You can also get a variety of sizes that cater to family members. Clothing is also an opportunity for you to market your company. If you put a company logo on the shirt, along with a catchy slogan from the event, it may catch other people's eye when your employee wears it. You can work on great designs with a t-shirt company like The Edge Screen Studio.

Performance Incentives: Gift Cards

Many companies are shying away from giving money for employee incentives. A gift card can say "thank you" without breaking the bank. You also won't be as tempted to splurge; employees won't expect to receive a $500 restaurant gift card, while with cash, the sky's the limit. 

These ideas will get you started on thinking about employee gifts, but you can come up with several more by following a few principles. Think about choosing a gift that is likely to appeal to a wide audience. The gift should also be useful— either something that's consumable or practical in everyday life— so that it will have a higher use value to your employees. Finally, in choosing swag, make sure that your gift reflects back on your company, such as through a logo or a company color scheme. Other than that, it's the thought that counts, and many employees will be happy to get free employee gifts.